About the brand

How it all started

The Kindred Karens brand started in 2020. Over the years the name "Karen" has become synonymous for a certain type of person we all learned to love or hate. Now, it could very well be that some Karens do "live up to their name" and even want to carry it out. But what if you are a Karen who doesn't want to be associated with the stereotypical person? We aim to serve every Karen (or non-Karen) in this world.

We don't judge

While it may seem evident that being a typical "Karen" isn't a virtue, we are not the ones to judge. Some people may act like a "Karen" with their best intentions. Or perhaps sometimes people have every right to be a "Karen" given a specific situation. We are not here to judge. Freedom of speech is one of the most important rights in the free world. If all Karens in the world were model citizens, we wouldn't even notice, because we'd have no reference to know whether they'd be good or evil. What we do vigorously oppose is violence, bullying and racism. So lets try to make this world a better place. Be yourself, but allow other people to be themselves to!

We're in it for the money

Are we doing this to make a bucketload of money? YES! Are we philanthropist that merely seek to make this world a better place by giving all our proceeds to good causes? NO! That may seem a bit harsh, but it's close to the truth. Of course we will occasionally make our contribution to society. In fact, the more money we will make, the higher the chance is we'll be giving some of it away. We just want to be upfront and not act like we are doing it JUST out of the goodness of our hearts.