We. Are. Live. Yay! The Kindred Karens website is up and running and we are ready to start a new movement! Take a look at some of the cool designs, because whether you are a GOOD Karen or an EVIL Karen, you are guaranteed to find an item in our shops that suits your mood or personality.

You will find the Evil Karen Collection in the Evil Karen Shop. If you’re more in a Good Karen kind of mood, you will find the Good Karen Collection in the Good Karen Shop. Not ready to pick your side yet? Take a look in the Kindred Karen Shop. Here you will find apparel for both Good and Evil Karens.

Keep your eye out for new collections. We’ll be refreshing our line-up throughout the year. Please consider following us on social media, so you can keep up to date with our Promotions and Discounts!

For now! Join our movement and spread the word! Karens UNITE!